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Gezon Motors blog - Benefits of Auto Show


Samantha Suarez
JANUARY 27, 2018

It's that time of the year again: The Michigan International Auto Show is making its way to Grand Rapids from February 1 - 4, 2018.  We at Team Gezon believe that anyone from the everyday car buyer, to gearheads, and of course, car dealers and industry insiders can enjoy an afternoon at the show.

Auto shows provide the public with the chance to see what's new in the industry and to get a sneak peek into the future! All the major car brands show up, bringing along their most current vehicles for sale, showing off their features, and sparking excitement in the community.

Here are five major reasons you shouldn't miss out on this experience, especially if you're in the market to buy a car in the next year:

Gezon Motors blog - Tips for Winter Driving

8 Easy Tips to Survive Winter Driving

Samantha Suarez
DECEMBER 18, 2017

Driving during the winter will test the limits of even the most skilled and attentive driver. Heavy snow can reduce visibility, and slippery roads can send your car sliding off in random directions with no notice. We recently showed you how to prepare your car for winter before you leave your driveway - but there are even more challenges to commuting in the winter once you actually hit the road! So without further ado: here are eight easy tips to help you survive winter driving:

Now is the time to winterize

7 Simple Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter

Samantha Suarez
NOVEMBER 19, 2017

If you live (or visit relatives) in a cold-weather state like our beloved Michigan, you already know how harsh winter driving can be. Beyond commutes being more challenging and uncomfortable, it can also be dangerous if you aren't prepared. Just because winter is coming doesn't mean you have to "know nothing," like a certain Jon Snow, when it comes to making cold-weather driving more manageable. Here are some simple steps every driver should take to prep their car for winter.