Manufacturer Offer

$500 Nissan Cash Back

  1. $500 cash back
  • Applies to select new 2022 Nissan Armada, Rogue Sport, and Sentra.

  • Eligibility requirements apply: Eligibility requirements apply: US Active and Reserve Military: Eligible participants are either Active or Reserve duty members of the US Army, US Army National Guard, US Navy, US Marine Corps, US Air Force, Space Force, US Air National Guard, US Coast Guard, US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and their spouse/domestic partner, OR US Military Veterans: Must be within 24 months of separation from Active or Reserve duty, OR US Military Retirees: US Military personnel that have completed 20 years of Active or Reserve duty. Retirees include those persons on the Permanent Disability Retired List ("PDRL") and Temporary Disability Retired List ("TDRL") Surviving Spouses and Gold Family Members: Eligible participants are either surviving spouse, child, or surviving parent. Must provide copy of DD-214, Summary of benefits letter, or death certificate.
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